Please refer to the Appendix for the competition timetable.

Competition Bibs


Each competitor will receive 4 competition bibs with the country code. These must be pinned to the front and back of the competition clothing, to the back of the tracksuit, and to the bag.

Exceptions are made for jumping events: these competitors are permitted to attach the bib only to the front or to the back of their competition clothing (plus their tracksuit and bag).

The competition bibs will be delivered to the teams as soon as they have completed the administrative formalities in the Accreditation Center on Friday, 18 June 2021.

The competition bibs must not be cut, folded or covered or ruined in any way.

Competition Clothing

Competitors must wear the Federation’s official team clothing. World Athletics Rule 5 of the Technical Rules or TR5 will be strictly applied. Please make sure to follow the World Athletics Advertising Regulations in force. Clothing and items not conforming to this rule and the current World Athletics Advertising Regulations will be removed/taped at the Call Room.

The European Athletics has a record of the Team vests of all Member Federations available on European Athletics event management system, Arena, accessible at the following link: https://arena.european-athletics.org/.

Member Federations shall confirm their team vests. If the uniform displayed on the website differs from your current official uniform, the revised Team Vests form must be uploaded by 11 June using the form sent by European Athletics for that specific purpose. Otherwise, the existing records will be used as reference.

Team clothing must be uniform. A competitor wearing any other clothing will have no access to the competition area and will not be allowed to compete. This rule applies both to competition clothing (vest, shorts and tights) as well as to tracksuits.

The rule stipulating the compulsory wearing of the official competition clothing will be applied during the competition but also during any victory lap, interviews at the Stadium and Victory Ceremonies.


All the competition shoes must comply with World Athletics TR5, including the sole and/or heel and the spikes dimensions. It is the athletes’ responsibility to make sure that the shoes to be used for competition are on the current list of approved shoes models by the World Athletics. In case of no compliance with the TR5 or the list of approved shoes, an athlete may be not allowed to compete or disqualified after the competition with the result being void.

The shoes will be checked at the Call Room as the clothing items. In case of a world or European record, an athlete is to provide the used shoes to the competition officials, after the event, if further checks are needed.

Call Room

The Call Room is located at Cluj Arena. Access will be allowed to athletes only and according to the following reporting times:

  Call Room opensCall Room closesAt competition site
Track events 20 minutes   15 minutes   4-5 minutes  
High Jump 65 minutes   60 minutes   45 minutes  
Pole Vault 80 minutes   75 minutes   60 minutes  
Other field events 50 minutes   45 minutes   30 minutes  
Relays 25 minutes   20 minutes   5 minutes  

All times are prior to the actual starting time of the event.

Athletes who fail to report on time to the Call Room without a valid reason may be excluded from participating in this and all further events in the Championships, including Relays.

A dedicated, heat by heat, Call-up Schedule will be issued once Final Entries are confirmed.

It will be displayed at the Warm-up Area and uploaded to the Virtual TIC.

Refreshments (still water) and toilets will be available next to the Call Room.

First Call

A first call service will be operational at the warm-up venue.

Athletes can report to the first call tent located next to the warm-up track according to the following reporting times, and will be transported to the Call Room with a dedicated shuttle service:

DisciplineReporting time
Track events35 minutes
High Jump80 minutes
Pole Vault95 minutes
Other field events65 minutes
Relays40 minutes

The first call service is not mandatory, and athletes can report directly to the Call Room as per the above time schedule.

Call Room Procedures

In the Call Room the judges will check the following in accordance with World Athletics Rules:

  • Competition Bibs
  • Shoes as per TR5
  • Uniforms
  • Bags (identification on and content of)
  • Any other kind of advertising

Personal belongings (video cameras, tape recorders, radios, CD players, radio transmitters, MP3/MP4, cell phones or similar devices) will not be permitted in the infield as per World Athletics Rule 6 of the Technical Rules or TR6. Competition officials in Call Room will confiscate all not authorised items. Athletes will receive a receipt for any such items. Upon presentation of this receipt, the athletes will be able to collect such items from the TIC once their event has finished.

Specific Event Procedures

Competition Regulations are available at https://european-athletics.com/competition-regulations.

Trials in field events

In the field events, the practice trials will be supervised by the judges and to be in the order of the start list for the throwing events. Once the trial jumps/puts are finished, the participants will be asked to stand in the order of the competition for the presentation.

Field events except vertical jumps

There will be a maximum of four trials per competitor in each event. All participating athletes will have three qualification trials (1st, 2nd and 3rd trial). The best 4 athletes after the 3 qualification rounds will compete in the Final (4th round).

The athletes eliminated after the third trial will be ranked by their best performance after the 3rd qualification trial. The remaining 4 athletes will be ranked by their best performance after the Final (4th round). World Athletics Rule 25 of the Technical Rules or TR25 will apply for ties.

Vertical jumps

In the vertical jumps the World Athletics Rule 26 of the Technical Rules or TR26 shall be respected. Furthermore each competitor is limited to a maximum of 4 (four) fouls throughout the whole field event. After the fourth foul he/she may not jump further unless he/she has won the competition.

The winner of the competition is allowed to continue according to World Athletics Rule 26 of the Technical Rules or TR26.

The winner will be allowed to continue at the height he/she was not successful. World Athletics Rule 26 of the Technical Rules or TR26 will apply for placings.

The time permitted for each attempt in Pole Vault shall be 1 (one) minute except when consecutive attempts are by the same athlete or if only the winner is competing in which case World Athletics Rule 25 of the Technical Rules or TR25 shall apply.

Track events

In all track events, the athletes are supposed to leave the Call Room ready to compete. Their belongings will be taken directly to the Post Event Area. In case of a bad weather, the athletes will be allowed to take off their tracksuits at the start. Such later decision will be communicated to the teams via the TIC.

In case of a tie between athletes in the different heats for races up to 800m inclusively and relays, the photo finish judge shall consider the actual times to the 1/1000th of a second. If the tie cannot be broken, the attributable points shall be divided equally between them.

Starting order and distribution of athletes per heat

The order of attempts in field events has been decided by a draw conducted by European Athletics. Each participating team has been allocated a letter which shall determine the order of attempts in the field events in accordance with the respective Appendix .

In the horizontal field events the order of trials in the first round will be kept for the first 3 trials. The order of the trials in the final round will be the reverse order of the ranking after the 3rd round.

The races up to 800m inclusively and relays will be staged in two heats of 7 and 6 teams each.

The heats will be arranged by considering as much information as possible about the performances of all athletes and the heats drawn so that, normally, the best performers compete in the same heat. In principle the distribution will be based on the athletes’ season best performances. Results from the previous year major events (Finalists of Olympic Games or World Athletics Championships or medalists in European Athletics Championships) may be also considered by the Technical Delegate for the purpose of the distribution per heats.

The relay teams’ distribution per heat will be according to the teams scoring standings 1 (one) hour before the scheduled time for each event. The best scored six (6) teams will compete in the same heat which shall be the last event of the session of track events.

Lanes 3-4-5-6 will be allocated to top four athletes/relay teams, while lanes 2-7-8 will be allocated to the remaining athletes/relay teams. For the avoidance of doubt, seven (7) athletes/relay teams will compete in the first heats, using lanes 2-3-4-5-6-7-8; six (6) best ranked athletes/relay teams will compete in the second heats using lanes 2-3-4-5-6-7

Coaching Zones

To allow communication between athletes and coaches, seats have been reserved in the stands close to the field events, within the team areas. No special passes will be distributed to access to coaching zones.

Timing & Measurement

The official timing will be provided by ATOS/MATSPORT and will be displayed on the official electronic timing instrument and photo finish cameras.  For all races of 800m or more, the elapsed time will be displayed on electronic timers located at the end of each straight.

All field events will be measured by ATOS/MATSPORT scientific measurement equipment (Electronic Distance Measurement).


The European Athletics Team Championships comprises one single competition where men’s and women’s teams represent as a single team the respective European Athletics Member Federation.

The winner of each individual event and each relay in each match shall score as many points as there are teams competing in the respective League, the second will score one fewer, and so on. Athletes or relay teams with no valid performance, disqualified or not finishing shall not score.

In case of heats the results of the two heats are amalgamated, with the athletes’ times determining their placings. In case of a tie between athletes in the different heats for races up to 800m inclusively and relays the photo finish judge shall consider the actual times to the 1/1000th of a second. If the tie cannot be broken the attributable points shall be divided equally between them.

If two or more athletes tie for a place in any event, the attributable points shall be divided equally between them.

The team having the highest aggregate number of points shall be the winner of the European Athletics Team Championships First League Cluj-Napoca 2021.

If two or more teams have the same aggregate number of points, the tie shall be decided in favour of the team having the greater number of event winners. If the tie still remains it shall be decided in favour of the team having the greater number of second places, and so on. (Regulation 602.12).

Promotion / Relegation

The 2 (two) first classified teams of the First League shall be promoted to the Super League

The lowest 3 (three) teams of the First League shall be relegated to the Second League.

As a consequence of one or more doping offence pursuant to World Athletics Rules during or before the European Athletics Team Championships the points, will be reallocated after the disqualification of the doped athlete(s) and the League ranking (including the promotion or relegation of the teams) will be adjusted.

Post Competition Procedures

After the competition, athletes leave immediately through the mixed zone.

In the mixed zone, all athletes meet the media: first TV, then radio and finally the written press. It is for the athlete to decide whether he/she will give an interview.

The clothing baskets will be brought to the kits collection area located after the mixed zone. The first three athletes in each event may be asked to attend an official press conference. These press conferences will take priority over all other interview requirements. They will usually be held before doping controls.

Protests and Appeals

Protests and appeals are permitted and will be processed in accordance with World Athletics Rule 8 of the Technical Rules or TR8.

In the first instance, protests must be made orally to the Referee by the athlete himself/herself or by someone acting on his/her behalf or by an official representative of a team (World Athletics Rule 8 of the Technical Rules or TR8). Such person or team may protest only if they are competing in the same round of the event to which the protest (or subsequent appeal) relates.

Where the appropriate Referee is not accessible or available, the protest should be made to him through the TIC. Protests concerning the result or conduct of an event shall be made within 30 minutes of the official announcement of the result of that event (posted on the TIC information board).

If the final decision of Referee is not satisfactory a written appeal can be submitted to the Jury of Appeal also through the TIC.

Any written appeal to the Jury of Appeal must be made in accordance with World Athletics Rule 8 of the Technical Rules or TR8 and signed by a responsible official on behalf of the athlete and submitted to TIC within 30 minutes after the official announcement of the decision made by the Referee.

When submitting an appeal form, a deposit of 75 €, as set in the rules, must be paid. If the protest is unsuccessful, the deposit will not be returned. The Jury’s decision will be provided in writing.