Medical Services & Doping Control

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation a comprehensive medical clearance and sanitary protocol has been established for the event and the violation of these rules and procedures may result in the revocation of the accreditation and prohibition of participation in the Event.

Please make sure to faliliarise yourself with the protocol which was circulated to all Member Federations earlier and is also available in the appendices.

Moreover, and in order to continuously monitor the health situation of the teams present in Oeiras, each Team Leader will be requested to declare the presence of symptoms of Covid-19 viral infection on a daily basis, if any. The declaration shall be filled-in and submitted on the vitual TIC platform by 09:00 each day. Non-compliance with the daily reporting measures might result in sanctions as specified above.

Medical Services

The medical service will provide medical information and assistance to teams, organisation personnel, and honorary guests as well as, during the competition, to the spectators. In case of emergency, please contact the nearest medical first aid station. Dra. Isabel Crespo will be in charge of the medical service and can be reached at +351 911 011 502.

Medical Services in the Team Hotels

There is no medical centre in the Team Hotels, but medical help will be available on call. In case of any emergency, you should either call 112 or contact with reception to call an ambulance. In addition, the LOC doctor in charge of the medical service can be reached at +351 911 011 502.

Medical Care at the Competition Venue

Medical Services will be active at the Venue for acute medical assistance both on the training and competition day. First aid teams Hospital da Luz marked, supervised by doctors, will be distributed around the course during the competition.

The local medical service will be responsible for any problem concerning the athletes’ health both at competition and warming up areas. In case of injuries, only the official physician will be admitted to the course. The respective physician will decide on the further treatment of the injured athlete.

Team doctors will have access to the medical service facilities when an athlete of his/her own team is hurt or is in need of other medical attention.

Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy Services in Team Hotels

For those teams requiring physiotherapy services there will be – upon prior request at the Hotels´ Information Desks and at the teams´ cost – a physiotherapist available at  Amazónia Jamor Hotel in the following schedule:

5 February (Saturday) : 10:00 – 20:00

Additionally, each Teams´ Hotel will have a dedicated room for massage/physiotherapy – also upon prior request at the Hotels´ Information Desks – where team delegations may find and use massage beds provided by the LOC in the following schedule:

4 to 6 February: 10:00 – 20:00

Physiotherapy Services at warm-up and training venues

Equipped physiotherapy facilities will be available at the venue (see Appendix 3) according to the following schedule:

  • 6 February: 09:00 – 14:00

Import of Medication and Medical Equipment

Team doctors are responsible for listing the medications that the team and the team participants enter into Estonia and also coordinating that the medicines are allowed and that the maximum permitted amount is not exceeded.

Other persons travelling to the event have their own responsibility to check which medicines and quantities of medicines may be introduced in Estonia.

Please familiarise yourself with the conditions set by the Republic of Estonia Agency of Medicines:

Doping Control

General Information

Doping controls will be conducted in accordance with World Athletics Anti-Doping Rules & Regulations and Anti-doping Regulations. They are in accordance with the revised WADA code in force since 1 January 2015. The controls will be done under the supervision of the European Athletics Doping Control Delegate. Both urine and blood samples may be collected immediately before, and during, the Championships.

Athletes selected for doping control shall be informed by anti-doping officials. Athletes will be required to sign a doping control notification form. They can be accompanied to the Doping Control Station (DCS) by an accredited team representative of their choice.

A selected athlete should report immediately to the DCS unless there are valid reasons for delay. All selected athletes will be accompanied by a trained chaperone or Doping Control Officer from the time of notification until arrival at the DCS. Athletes are reminded that refusal to provide a sample result in liable to disqualification and may result in further disciplinary action.

During the control procedures, athletes will need their identity card or passport, together with their accreditation card.

Athletes who are required to use prescribed medication for the treatment of a medical condition should ensure that they have registered their medication, where necessary, through the World Athletics Therapeutic Use Exemption system prior to attending the Championships.

Selection of Athletes

The selection of athletes for control will be made on a final position and/or random basis under the supervision of the European Athletics Doping Control Delegate. In addition, the selection of further athletes may be ordered at the discretion of the European Athletics Doping Control Delegate.

All athletes setting World or European records must report to the DCS to provide a sample. Failure to provide a sample will result in the record not being ratified.