General Information

Hotels providing full board accommodation are reserved for the teams.

Information Desk

An Information Desk will be located in the lobby of the five teams´ hotels with qualified personnel offering relevant information about all aspects of the European Champion Clubs Cup Cross Country. The Information Desks opening hours will be as follows – 3 February (from the first team’s arrival time) to 8 February (by the time of the last team’s departure), at the following times:

Day Open Close
Thursday 3 February14:0020:00
Friday 4 February09:0022:00
Saturday 5 February09:0020:00
Sunday 6 February09:0020:00
Monday 7 February09:0020:00
Tuesday 8 February09:0020:00

Official Hotels

The official hotels for the European Champion Clubs Cup Cross Country are indicated below with the internet address of their home page where further details can be found:

Teams Hotels

Amazonia Hotel JamorAv. Tomás Ribeiro 129, 2790-446 Queijas

+351 211 147 830
Hotel Real OeirasRua Álvaro Rodrigues de Azevedo 5 – 2770-197 Paço D’Arcos – Oeiras
+351 214 469 900
Holiday Inn Express Lisboa AlfragideRua Da, R. Q.ta do Paizinho 11, 2790-236 Carnaxide

+351 21 400 9200
Inatel OierasAlto de Barra – Est. Marginal, 2780-267 Oeiras
+351 210 029 800
Holiday Inn Express Lisboa OeirasAv. Dom Félix Niza Ribeiro, 2740-314 Lisbon
+351 214232040

Reservations will be made by the LOC based on the accommodation requirements indicated in the Final Entries.

Team hotels allocation will be communicated after the closing of the Final Entries.

Accommodation Costs & European Athletics Quota

Accommodation Costs

According to Regulation 1310.1.1 the organising club undertakes to cover accommodation and full board costs of each participating team (except the host) for no more than 2 (two) days and for a maximum of 3 athletes in each race and 1 official. In case the U20 Team is from the same club as the Senior team, the Organiser will not cover the accommodation costs for any additional official for the U20 Team.

According to Regulation 1310.6.1 each participating team (except the host) should pay a contribution of 300 € (price to be charged per night is 150 €) to the organiser (at the venue) for accommodation to be provided by the organiser, according to above quota.

The following rates must be paid by the teams for “out of quota” team members and additional days:

Team Members Single room Twin(2) room
Out of quota
Athletes / Officials
115 € per person/night 100 € per person/night
Athletes and Officials
Additional nights
115 € per person/night 100 € per person/night

Cancellation Policy

The final account for accommodation attributable to each club team shall be based on the numbers declared in the Final Entries and this shall be paid in full, no allowance being made for any subsequent reduction in the actual numbers of athletes and/or officials.

Any club team, which having agreed to participate with a team, withdraws and does not compete after their declaration at the closing date for Preliminary Entries shall pay to the organising club for any irrevocable costs related to the cancellation.

Note: The team Invoice will be based on the accommodation requests included in the final entries as well as any additional requirements indicated after the closing of the final entries.

Payment Procedures

The team accommodation invoice will be sent as soon as possible after the closing of the final entries. Federations are kindly encouraged to make bank transfer to the following account:

Bank account nameSporting Clube de Portugal
Bank nameMillennium BCP
Bank account number118046770 
Bank addressAv. Prof Dr Cavaco Silva – Tagus Park
IBANPT50 0033 0000 0011 8046 7700 5
Reference codePlease mention “ECCC XC 2022” in the comment section while making the bank transfer

Note: A copy of the bank transfer will be required upon arrival.

The balance of the payment must be paid on-site by the Team Leader on arrival at the Accreditation Centre. Payment can only be made by credit card or by cash on site.

The Team Leader must settle phone bills and all other extra services at the hotel reception, before departure. The Team Leader will be requested a credit card by the hotel reception desk for extras. All payments must be made in Euros.

Rooming list

Detailed information about athletes and officials’ rooming list will have to be entered by the Member Federations during the Final Entries process.

After the closing of the final entries, further amendments to the room requirements, rooming list and/or travel details will have to be made in European Athletics Event Management system Event Works, where Member Federations will also have to upload all Covid-19 related information / documents. Access will be granted and communicated from 30 June 2021.

While registering their final entries, Member Federations will be requested to sign a consent form to allow the list of the room numbers for the members of the respective team to be communicated to Sample Collection Officials. Where this information is obtained, it will only be used for the purposes of the blood and urine testing, will be confidentially treated and destroyed once it is no longer required for these purposes.


Meals will all be served in buffet style and, to the extent possible, will be similar in all hotels. A large selection of suitable food will be available taking into consideration special diets, religion and culture of the participants.

Meals times shall be as follows:

4/5/7 of FebruarySunday 6 February
Breakfast07:00 – 10:0007:00 – 10:00
Lunch12:30 – 14:3012:30 – 15:30
Dinner19:30 – 21:3019:30 – 21:30

For lunch and dinner, mineral water and one soft drink per person are available free of charge. All other drinks have to be paid for.

All food restrictions (celiac, vegan, vegetarian, etc) should be communicated to the LOC in advance.

Services in the Team Hotels

Meeting Rooms

Arrangements can be made for a team meeting room through the Information Desks in the Teams´ hotels available in the following schedule:

·        4 February: 10:00 – 22:00

·        5 February: 10:00 – 22:00

Requests shall be made at reasonable time in advance.

Rooms for Physiotherapy

For those teams requiring physiotherapy services there will be – upon prior request at the Hotels´ Information Desks and at the teams´ cost – a physiotherapist available at  Amazónia Jamor Hotel in the following schedule:

5 February (Saturday) : 10:00 – 20:00

Additionally, each Teams´ Hotel will have a dedicated room for massage/physiotherapy – also upon prior request at the Hotels´ Information Desks – where team delegations may find and use massage beds provided by the LOC in the following schedule:

4 to 6 February: 10:00 – 20:00

There will also be LOC physiotherapy services at the competition venue (see Medical/Physiotherapy services).

Internet Access

Free internet access will be provided at team hotels.

Telephone Calls

The telephone will be automatically activated to make room to room calls. Any athletes or delegation officials requiring the use of the room phone for outgoing calls must make arrangements with the Information Desk at the hotel. The telephone will be made available upon the presentation of a credit card to cover all charges.

Check-in / check-out times

Check-in after 14:00 and check-out by 12:00.