Medical Services & Doping Control

Medical Services

The medical service is in charge of any medical assistance to all accredited guests (Teams, LOC personnel, VIP guests and media) as well as, during the competition, to the spectators in the stadium.

Below you can find information about the medical care sites and relevant instructions.

In case of emergency, please contact the nearest medical first aid station or call the 24/7 Medical Emergency number 112 (free of charge).

Medical Services in the Team Hotels

In case of emergency, call 112. If necessary, Emergency Medical Service provides transport and emergency services contracted by the CHU Rennes – Hopital Pontchaillou, 2 Rue Henri le Guilloux – Rennes

In other cases, the given instructions should be followed. LOC medical services is coordinated by Dr. Roland TILLY and can be reached by phone (number will be given during accreditation process).

Medical Care at the Stadium, Warm-up, Training Areas and Road Events

The stadium medical service is responsible for any problems concerning the athletes’ health. There is also a room for medical attention next to the finish line. The team doctor has access to the medical service facilities when an athlete of his/her own team is hurt or needs other medical attention.

The stadium medical service is also responsible for first aid in the warming up area.

There will be first aid teams on the infield, supervised by a doctor and marked with red crosses.

Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy Services in Team Hotels

There will be some rooms available for physiotherapy use in the team hotels. The physiotherapy room will be equipped with massage tables, ice and towels.

A LOC team of physiotherapists is available. Operating hours are:

Friday                            From 16:00 to 20:00

Saturday                        From 09:00 to 19:00

Athletes willing to book a treatment shall proceed to the Information Desk in their respective team hotel where volunteers will plan according to the availability.

Physiotherapy Services at warm-up

There will be physiotherapy facilities in the warm-up area.

All teams have their own facilities prepared as well as a well-equipped physiotherapy room, including the availability of a LOC physiotherapist. The physiotherapy room will be open from

Saturday                        From 17:00 to 22:30

The team physiotherapists and doctors may use the equipment in the physiotherapy room in co-operation with the medical staff.

Import of Medication and Medical Equipment

All information related to the import of medication can be found on this website:

Doping Control

General Information

Doping controls will be conducted in accordance with World Athletics Rules and Anti-doping Regulations. They are in accordance with the revised WADA code in force since 1 January 2015. The controls will be done under the supervision of the European Athletics Doping Control Delegate. Both urine and blood samples may be collected immediately before, and during, the Championships.

Athletes selected for doping control shall be informed by anti-doping officials. Athletes will be required to sign a doping control notification form. Athletes must bring to the Doping Control Station (DCS) an ID card with photo — such as Passport, driving licence, etc. They can be accompanied to the Doping Control Station (DCS) by an accredited team representative of their choice.

A selected athlete should report immediately to the DCS unless there are valid reasons for delay. All selected athletes will be accompanied by a trained chaperone or Doping Control Officer from the time of notification until arrival at the DCS. Athletes are reminded that refusal to provide a sample result in liable to disqualification and may result in further disciplinary action.

Athletes who are required to use prescribed medication for the treatment of a medical condition should ensure that they have registered their medication, where necessary, through the World Athletics Therapeutic Use Exemption system prior to attending the Championships.

Additional Controls

Athletes requiring doping control (e.g. for national record) may request to be tested by reporting to the TIC, where a “Doping Control Request Form” should be completed. They will then be escorted to the Doping Control Station.

The cost of this control (sample collection material and analysis costs) will be paid by the European Athletics and will be deducted from the member federation’s European Athletics subvention after the competition.