General Information

General Information

The LOC has made accommodation arrangements for team members in 3 hotels of similar standard.

The hotels will officially open with full services on Thursday, June 1. If members of your federation are planning to arrive earlier, please contact the LOC well in advance to make sure specific arrangements are made.

Information Desk

An Information Desk will be located in the lobby of each team hotel with qualified personnel offering relevant information about all aspects of the European 10,000 Cup. The Information Desks’ opening hours will be as follows:

1 JuneAccording to arrivalAccording to arrival
2 June09:0022:00
3 June09:0022:00
4 JuneAccording to DeparturesAccording to Departures

Official Hotels

The official hotels for the European 10’000M Cup are indicated below with the internet address of their home page where further details can be found:

Team Hotels

Campanile Rennes Sud Saint Jacques

5 Rue Frédéric Benoît, 35136 Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande

+33 02 90 89 22 00

Hôtel Oceania Rennes – Saint-Grégoire

Bd Robert Schuman, 35760 Saint-Grégoire

+33 02 99 23 78 78

Hôtel Escale Oceania Rennes

ZAC de Cap malo, Av. du Phare du Grand Jardin, 35520 La Mézière

+ 33 02 99 13 36 15

Reservations will be made by the LOC based on the accommodation requirements indicated in the Final Entries.

Team hotels allocation will be communicated after the closing of the Final Entries.

European Athletics Family Hotel

Greet Hôtel Rennes Pace

Za La Teillais, 11 Av. des Touches, 35740 Pacé

+33 02 57 67 57 83

Accommodation Costs and European Athletics Quota

European Athletics Quota

According to European Athletics Regulation 910.4 European Athletics shall bear the board and lodging expenses of the visiting teams at the venue of the competition for a maximum period of not more than 2 (two) days and for a maximum number of up to 3 (three) male and up to 3 (three) female runners (scoring athletes) from each visiting Member Federation.

Accommodation Costs

According to regulations 910.4, accommodation and full board for the visiting teams will be paid by European Athletics for a maximum of two (2) days and for three Men and three Women athletes per Member Federation. No contribution shall be made in respect of teams representing the host Member Federation.

The following accommodation costs (per room) will be charged to the teams.

Team Members Single roomTwin room(2)
In-quota Athletes during the official period (2-4 June)(N/A)Covered by LOC/EA
Accommodation cost120 EUR per night (1)190 EUR per night

All prices include meals and VAT

(1) For the official period, each team will be allocated a minimum number of single rooms equivalent to 10% of the total number of athletes and officials registered in the Final Entries, at the price of a double room in single occupancy (110 EUR). Any single rooms above the 10% threshold will be charged at the rate of 120 EUR. Additional single rooms can be requested and will be given according to availability.

(2) In case of later arrival/early departure of one of the sharing persons, the night used in single (instead of double) will be charged at the rate of a double room regardless of the occupancy.

The official period is from Friday 2 June to Sunday 4 June (2 nights). The additional nights have been fixed to one (1) night before, i.e. on Thursday 1 June and one (1) night after, i.e. on Monday 5 June.

If your team is planning to stay outside this period, the above-mentioned rates will not apply and a separate agreement will have to be made with the Pacé 2023 LOC.

European Athletics Regulation 103.13 and 110.8.

103.13  European Athletics may reduce financial support (for travel, board/accommodation grants, etc.) to any European Athletics Member Federation which, after having announced its participation, does not take part or attends the competition with a number of athletes and officials materially higher or lower than the number stated in the Preliminary Entry by 20%. The latter applies only if the Preliminary Entry is more than 4 (four).

110.8    The final account for accommodation attributable to each Member Federation shall be based on the numbers declared in the Final Entries and this shall be paid in full, no allowance being made for subsequent any reduction in the actual numbers of athletes and/or officials.

Note: The team Invoice will be based on the accommodation requests included in the final entries as well as any additional requirements indicated after the closing of the final entries.

Payment Procedures

A proforma invoice was sent to each Federation detailing the amount they owe based on their preliminary entries. Federations are kindly encouraged to make an advance payment of 50% before Thursday, 18th May. Advance payments should be made in Euros by bank transfer to the following account:

Account name :                       PACE EN COURANT BP 24229

Address :                       RESIDENCE LES TILLEULS 26 RUE DU GRAND VERGER 35740 PACE

Bank account name:             CREDIT AGRICOLE D’ILLE ET VILAINE

IBAN Number:                         FR76 1360 6000 7446 3379 1698 845

Account Number                    46337916988

BIC/Swif No:                            AGRIFRPP836

Bank address:                         4 RUE LOUIS BRAILLE – 35236 SAINT-JACQUES DE LA LANDE

The remaining sum (= final entry sum – pre-payment) will be invoiced after the final entry deadline. Should the remaining amount (after the final entries) be settled by bank transfer, the team leader is requested to provide the LOC with a proof of payment upon arrival at the Finances Office that will be located in the Team Accreditation Centre. Otherwise, the balance of the payment must be paid on-site by the Team Leader upon arrival at the Accreditation Centre.

Payment can be made by credit card or by cash in Euros.

The following credit card type will be accepted on site: Visa and Mastercard

Rooming list

Detailed information about athletes and officials’ rooming list will have to be entered by the Member Federations during the Final Entries process.

Further amendments will have to be made through the accommodation module of European Athletics event management system after the closing of the Final entries.

While registering their final entries, Member Federations will be requested to sign a consent form to allow the list of the room numbers for the members of the respective team to be communicated to Sample Collection Officials. Where this information is obtained, it will only be used for the purposes of the blood and urine testing, will be confidentially treated and destroyed once it is no longer required for these purposes.


Meals will all be served in buffet style and, to the extent possible, will be similar in all hotels. A large selection of suitable food will be available taking into consideration special diets, religion and culture of the participants.

Meals times shall be as follows:

Thursday 1 June        

Lunch              12:00 at 14:30

Dinner             19:00 at 21:30

Friday 2 June            

Breakfast         06:00 at 10:00

Lunch              12:00 at 14:30

Dinner             19:00 at 21:30

Saturday 3 June

Breakfast         06:00 at 10:00

Lunch              12:00 at 14:30

Dinner             20:30 at 23:30 (cold buffet)

Sunday 4 June

Breakfast         06:00 at 10:00 or according to early departure (take away portion)

A late serving provision will be made for those athletes retained at the stadium due to doping controls or protests.

For lunch and dinner, mineral water will be available free of charge. All other drinks must be paid for.

Accreditation cards will allow access to meals. Furthermore, access to restaurants will only be possible at the hotel where team members are staying.

Services in the Team Hotels

Meeting Rooms

Rooms for meeting opportunities are available at all team hotels. Reservation shall be required via the Information Desk at a reasonable time in advance.

To ensure that all teams have access to the meeting room, usage may be limited.

Teams requiring any additional service may make separate arrangements through the information desk. There is also the possibility to reserve office/meeting rooms for Teams, with exclusive right for the whole duration of the Championships.

Please contact:

Rooms for Physiotherapy

Dedicated rooms for physiotherapy will be provided for the teams with medical staff so that they can set-up their own massage beds.

There will also be LOC physiotherapy services offered to those teams that do not have their own medical staff.

Internet Access

Free internet access will be provided at team hotels.

Check-in / check-out times

Check-in after 15:00 and check-out by 12:00.

Please contact for specific arrangements outside these times.