Entry standards & Conditions

City Map with Team Hotels and Competition Site

Map of Stadium and Warm-up

Key dates and General Programme

Date Time EventPlace
26 MayBased on ArrivalTeam Accreditation centre openEmeraude Hall (at the Stadium)
27 May14:00Deadline for submitting questions for the Technical BriefingVirtual TIC direct to European Athletics
27 May14:00Final Confirmation of EntriesVirtual TIC direct to European Athletics
27 May16:00Athletes TrainingStadium Chasseboeuf
27 May17:00Orientation Visit and Technical BriefingStadium Chasseboeuf
28 May17:50Opening CeremonyStadium Chasseboeuf
28 May22:30Closing PartyThe PONANT Hall
29 MayAll dayDeparturesVarious