Official Airport and Welcome Services

The official airport, located 85 km from Poděbrady , is Vaclav Havel International Airport Prague, where the LOC will provide adequate welcome services.

The transfer time from the airport to the official hotels is approximately 75-90 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

There will be no Welcome Desk at the main railway station in Prague. and Poděbrady. Teams arriving by train will be met by LOC representatives and taken to the respective team hotel, according to the arrival times given in the final entry system.

Arrival By Road

Teams arriving by road are kindly asked to go directly to the allocated team hotel or the Accreditation Centre, where representatives from the LOC will welcome them. Parking spaces will be available in Poděbrady free of charge.

In case of any transportation problem (e.g. delayed or cancelled flight) on your way to Prague Airport/Poděbrady, please contact the LOC transportation help line (+420 773 899 910 or +420 605 184 013).

Entry Visas

The following countries require visas to enter the Czech Republic and should obtain them from the Czech Embassy or Consulate in their country well ahead before departure to Podebrady:
Albania* – Armenia – Azerbaijan – Bosnia and Herzegovina* – Georgia* – Kosovo** – Moldova* – Montenegro* – North Macedonia* – Serbia* – Turkey – Ukraine*

*don’t need visa if holders of biometric passport
**As defined by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 of 10 June 1999.

Participants who require visas, should fill the form available here and contact LOC as soon as possible but latest by 28 April 2023.

Contact details of the person responsible for visa within the LOC:
Mrs Lenka Edde
Direct phone: +420 233 014 418
Mobile: +420 602 885 112


According to the European Athletics Competition Regulations, the participating Member Federations are responsible for taking out their own insurance to cover the risk of illness or injury of any member of their team when travelling to and from the European Athletics event and during the event itself. Please take the necessary steps to fulfill these requirements well in advance.

Local Transportation

Main competition venue is within walking distance from all team hotels, therefore no on-site transportation system will operate during the event. In any case, inquiries about transportation could be addressed to the LOC through the transportation office located in the Accreditation Centre.

The opening hours of the transportation office will be open as follows:

Thursday, 18 May 202312:00* – 18:00*
Friday, 19 May 202310:00* – 18:00*
Saturday, 20 May 202308:00 – 20:00
Sunday, 21 May 202306:30 – 20:30
Monday, 22 May 202308:00 – 12:00
* according to teams arrival schedule


A shuttle service will be in place for team departures. The frequency of this service will be based on the departure schedule, which will be posted at the Information Desk of each team hotel at least 24 hours before departure.

Teams will be asked to provide full travel details together with the final entries. Team leader will have to confirm departure details during the accreditation process.
Any changes to the provided details shall be communicated to the LOC (through the Transportation Office), at least 48 hours before departure.