Each team member will receive an accreditation card, which must be worn at all times and should be clearly visible. The accreditation is not transferable and does not allow the holder to take another person beyond checkpoints. Photos are not required for the accreditation card system. 

Accreditation Centre

The Teams’ Accreditation Centre will be located at the Congress Centre. This is where the Team Leader shall report immediatelly after arrival to Podebrady to carry out the administrative procedures.

The opening dates and times of the Teams’ Accreditation Centre will be as follows:

Thursday, 18 May 202312:00*18:00*
Friday, 19 May 202310:00*20:00*
Saturday, 20 May 202308:0020:00
Sunday, 21 May 202306:3020:30
* according to teams’ arrival schedule

Accreditation Procedure

Accreditation cards will be prepared in advance, based on the information provided by the Member Federation in the final entries. No changes will be accepted after the final entries deadline.

The Team Leader will be asked to complete the following formalities before he can collect the accreditation cards for the whole team:

  • LOC accommodation invoice
  • Check of U20 athletes’ passport
  • Uniform, flag and national anthem check
  • Collection of competition related forms and information
  • Confirmation of departure details

Any lost or damaged accreditation cards should be reported to the Teams’ Accreditation Centre (located at the Congress Centre). Duplicate cards can be obtained where proof of identity can be established at a charge of 50 €.

Unauthorised use of an Accreditation card will result in the card being confiscated.

Access Areas for Teams and Special Passes

All team accreditation cards will allow access to the course (for training purposes), changing facilities and physiotherapy rooms. Only athletes who are about to compete will have access to the call room and to the infield on the day of the event.

Special passes will be also distributed to access the personal refreshment stations of the Senior Races (up to 3 per team according to the number of athletes). Those special passes (together with the Team mixed zone passes) will be distributed during the accreditation procedure, upon signature of the Team Leader.