Opening Ceremony

Teams are warmly invited for the public opening ceremony of the European Race Walking Team Championships 2023. The ceremony will take place in the heart of spa colonnade (in the middle of racing circuit) on 20 May at 19:00. This activity will also include a concert after the official part.

Please note that no official dinner or reception will be hosted after the opening ceremony and dinner will be served in the Team Hotels.

Victory Ceremonies

All the victory ceremonies will take place at the competition venue on 21 May 2023 according to the following schedule:

TimeVictory Ceremony
13:4535km Men – individual
13:4935km Men – team
13:5535km Women – individual
13:5935km Women – team
15:5520km Women – individual
15:5920km Women – team
18:3420km Men – individual
18:3820km Men – team
18:4910km U20 Men – individual
18:5410 km U20 Men – team
19:0010km U20 Women – individual
19:0410km U20 Women – team

Note: for the winning, second and third teams, only the scoring members as well as non-scoring members who completed the race shall attend the victory ceremony and receive medals.

Concerned individual athletes and team members should assemble near the Entrance of the Congress Centre 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the given ceremony. Athletes must wear the official team clothing for the ceremonies, and no other items shall be taken to the podium, such as flags, bags or other.

Closing Banquet

Please note, that no Closing Banquet will be organised, and the dinner on 21 May will be served in the Team Hotels.