Communication with Teams

Technical Information Centre (TIC)

The main function of the centre is to ensure a smooth liaison between each Team Delegation, the Local Organising Committee, the European Athletics Technical Delegate and the Competition Management of the Cup regarding technical matters.

Until 5 February the TIC will be located at the Accreditation Centre at Hotel 4 Playa and Eurohotel Castelló. On 5 February, the TIC will be located at the competition venue.


The TIC is responsible for, but not limited to, the following:

  • Display on the relevant notice board official communications to the teams, including start lists, results, and Call Room reporting times
  • Distribution of urgent notices to the delegations from the Technical Delegate and competition management
  • Receipt of written questions to be answered during the Technical Briefing
  • Settlement of technical enquiries from delegations
  • Receipt of withdrawal forms
  • Distribution of special passes the day before the respective event, according to start lists
  • Distribution of items confiscated at the Call Room
  • Managing additional doping control requests national record
  • Protests and written appeals.

The distribution of competition related information and important notices of general interest will be displayed on the notice boards.

All competition related information will be also sent by email to the team leaders to the email addresses communicated in the final entries.

Team Leaders will also be provided with individual and personalised access to the European Athletics online tool, where they will be able to

  • make their final confirmations,
  • download information posted by the LOC / European Athletics.
  • fill-in competition forms (questions for Technical Briefing, technical enquiries to TIC, withdrawal forms …)

The platform will be accessible at a link to be communicated to the Teams at a later stage, together with a detailed user manual.

Technical Meeting

The Technical Meeting will be held on the 4 February at 19:00, at the Town Hall of Oropesa del Mar are represented at the Technical Meeting, to be held in English.

All questions related to the Technical Meeting must be presented in writing in English, at the TIC (Hotel 4 Playa and Eurohotel Castelló). Hotels’ Information Desk, before 12:00 on 4 February in the appropriate form or in the Online Confirmation Tool.

The preliminary agenda of the Technical Meeting includes:

  • Welcome by the President of the Local Organising Committee.
  • Welcome by the European Athletics President or his representative.
  • Presentation of the Competition Officials.
  • Information briefing by the Technical Delegate.
  • Presentation of the competition and warm-up venues.
  • Information briefing by the Doping Control Delegate.
  • Victory Ceremonies.
  • Selection of the Jury of Appeal.
  • Answering of questions submitted in writing by participating clubs.

Inspection of the competition venue

There will be no organized tour as the presentation regarding the competition and warm-up areas will be given at the Technical Meeting, but all team members may visit it during the official training indicated later in this Team Manual

Team Leaders’ WhatsApp group

A WhatsApp group including all clubs’ team leaders will be created on site, in order to offer an additional platform to address instant messages and announcements. Major information of interest for all will be communicated to the teams by the TIC/European Athletics via this group.

Competition Venue

The Course

See map in appendices

ECCC XC 2023 · Timetable
10:00U20 Women5.810 m3 Long lap
10:35U20 Men5.810 m3 Long lap
11:10Senior Women8.720 m2 short + 3 long
12:05Senior Men8.720 m2 short + 3 long
12:50Mixed Relay4×1.450 m4 x 1 short lap

Official Training at the Competition Venue

Official training for all athletes at the course will take place on Saturday 4 February 2023 from 16:00 to 18:00.  The warm-up area will also be available during this time.

Dressing Rooms

No dressing rooms will be available.

Entry, Qualification System & Final Confirmations

Entry Rules

The European Champion Clubs Cup Cross Country comprises separate competitions for U20, senior men’s and women’s teams representing the long distance and Mixed-Relay National Clubs of European Athletics Member Federations.

In accordance with European Athletics Regulation 1302.7, each team may enter a maximum of 6 (six) athletes in each event, of which not less than 3 (three), no more than 4 (four) will be allowed to start the race, in the following conditions:

  • No athletes aged less than 16 (sixteen) years on 31 December of the year of the competition may compete in the ECCC Cross Country.
  • Only athletes aged at least 16 (sixteen) and not more than 19 (nineteen) years on 31 December of the year of the competition may participate in the U20 events.

All athletes must be able to present, if requested to do so by the Technical Delegate, an official document stating their date of birth.

Each athlete may only be entered in one race of the Championships and he/she can only compete in the race for which he/she was entered. The number of foreign athletes is strictly limited to 1 (one) for each club team in ECCC Cross Country. Member Federations must provide the list of eligible national and foreign athletes to European Athletics by 10 January of the year of the ECCC Cross Country.

Registration fees

In addition to the accommodation fee described in “Accommodation” of this Team Manual following contribution must be paid to the organising club by each participating club team (except host):

  • Registration Fee: EUR 200 – which must be paid at the latest by the date of the closing of the preliminary entries.

“I run Clean” Certification

Each European Athletics Member Federation may enter only those athletes who have received and hold a valid certification for having completed European Athletics Anti-Doping Education Programme – I Run Clean. The certification is to be achieved by all athletes in addition to fulfilling any requirements for the qualification for the event they are entered in.

Entry Procedures

Entries shall be made through the European Athletics Entry System which will be accessible at the following link:

Member Federations’ entries managers shall use their already known individual and personalised access.

Final Entries

Final entries indicating the names and individual logistical information (detailed travel arrangements, accommodation request and rooming list) of the competitors and of the officials must be received not later than 10 (ten) days before the event. According to the regulations the deadlines for the final entries are:

  • Opening of the final entries:                  Opening on Tuesday 10 January 2023
  • Deadline for the final entries:                Closing on Thursday 26 January 2023 (14:00 CET)

Detailed travel and rooming list information will have to be registered for each athlete and official during the final entries process. 

Final Confirmations

Team Leaders or their representatives must confirm the names of those competitors already entered who will actually take part in the competition. Confirmation of athletes will not be accepted after the deadline (see table below).

Final confirmation will have to be made online, via European Athletics online tool.

Competition dayDeadline for Final Confirmation
Sunday 5 February 2023Saturday 4 February 2023 – 12:00

Relays Declaration Forms

Forms for the final declaration and running order must be completed and submitted online in accordance with the deadline set out in the table below:

Competition dayDeadline for Final Declaration – Relays
Sunday 5 February 2023Senior Mixed Relay – 11:25


Withdrawal of any confirmation must be indicated to the TIC in writing on the official withdrawal form.

Participating clubs

Under 20 Men
SwitzerlandAthlétisme Viseu-Genève
TurkeyIstanbul Buyuksehir Belediyesi Spor Kulubu
TurkeyFenerbahce Spor Kulubu
Greece“Esperos” G.S Lamias
LuxembourgTrispeed Mamer
LuxembourgCAEG Grevenmacher
ItaliaAtletica Valle Brembana
ItaliaAtletica Porto Torres
FranceDijon UC
FranceNeuilly Plaisance Sports
RomaniaCSS Radauti
SpainPlayas de Castellón
SpainClínica Menorca CAUG
DenmarkSparta Atletic
PortugalSporting Clube de Portugal
PortugalSport Lisboa e Benfica
IrelandEnnis Track AC
IrelandNenagh Olympic AC
Under 20 Women
SwitzerlandLG LZ Oberaargau
TurkeyFenerbahce Sport Kulubu
TurkeyEnka Spor Kulubu
LuxembourgCS Luxembourg
ItaliaBracco Atletica
ItaliaAtletica Gavirate
FinlandHelsingin Kisa Veikot
FinlandLahden Ahkera
BelgiumDuffel AC
FranceClermont Auvergne Athlétisme
FranceEntente Sarthe Athlétisme
RomaniaCA Athletics Mica Roma Blaj
SpainPlayas de Castellón
SpainAD Gijón Atletismo
PortugalSporting Clube de Portugal
PortugalMaia Atletico Clube
IrelandYoughal A.C
IrelandFinn Valley AC
Czech RepublicTJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek
SuisseSTB Leichtathletik
TurkeyIstanbul Buyuksehir Belediyesi Spor Kulubu
LuxembourgCA Fola
LuxembourgCELTIC Diekirch
ItaliaOrecchiella Garfagnana
ItaliaLa Recastello Radici Group
IsraelAlley Athletics Club, South Tel Aviv
BelgiumKAV Roeselare
FranceCA Balma Athlétisme
FranceAthlé Saint-Julien 74
NorwayIl Runar
RomaniaCSU Poli Timisoara
SpainPlayas de Castellón
DenmarkSparta Atletik Og Lob
PortugalSporting Clube de Braga
PortugalSporting Clube de Portugal
AustriaDSG Wien
IrelandLetterkenny AC
Great Britain & NIShettleston Harriers
Czech RepublicAK Olymp Brno
SwitzerlandLC Uster
TurkeyAnkara Buyuksehir Belediyesi Ego Spor Kulubu
TurkeyIstanbul Buyuksehir Belediyesi Spor Kulubu
LuxembourgCeltic Diekirch
LuxembourgCA Fola
ItaliaCasone Naceto
ItaliaGP Parco Alpi Apuane
IsraelHapoel Emek Hefer Hadasa Neurim
IsraelAlley Athletics Club, South Tel Aviv
FinlandLahden Ahkera
BelgiumHerve Athlétique Club
BelgiumDC Leuven Atletiek
FranceRacing Multi Athlon
FranceEntente Athletique Grenoble 38
NorwayUll Kisa IL
Bosnia HerzegovinaAK “Marathon”
SwedenHässelby SK
SwedenKeep Up Running Club
SerbiaAK Apatin
SerbiaAK Leposavic
SpainPlayas de Castellón
Slovak RepublicAO TJ Slavia STU Bratislava
PortugalSport Lisboa e Benfica
PortugalSporting Clube de Portugal
AustriaDSG Wien
IrelandClonliffe Harriers
IrelandEast Cork AC
Great Britain & NICentral AC
Great Britain & NILeeds City AC
Czech RepublicBěžecký klub Náchod
Czech RepublicFénix sport Blansko
SuisseLC Regensdorf
FranceClermont Auvergne Athlétisme
FranceDecines Meyzieu Athlétisme
RomaniaCS Stiinta din Bacau
RomaniaCSM Raraul
SpainPlayas de Castellón
Slovak RepublicFénix sport Blansko
PortugalFénix sport Blansko
PortugalFénix sport Blansko
Great Britain & NIFénix sport Blansko
PortugalSporting Clube de Braga
Czech RepublicVSK Univerzita Brno