Official Airport and Welcome Services

The official airport, located a distance km from the venue, is ____________ International Airport, where the LOC will provide adequate welcome services.

Similar information to be included about official train station, if relevant.

Upon arrival at name of airport, the teams will be met by the LOC.

In case you need any support, please report to the welcome desk located insert detailed location or contact the transportation department include phone number for contact on site.

Include map of the terminal, welcome desk location and teams buses pick-up point

The transfer time from the airport to the official hotels is time minutes approximately.

Arrival By Road

Teams arriving by road are kindly asked to go directly to their hotel, where representatives from the LOC will welcome them.

Entry Visas

The following countries require visas to enter name of host country:

Enter nationals requiring visas

Visas should be obtained before leaving your country, from host country Embassy or Consulate well in advance to ensure all the procedures in due time.

Participants who require a visa should contact the LOC as soon as possible to obtain a special invitation letter and visa application information. Please contact:

Contact details of person responsible for logistics within LOC

The following information shall be included in the request:

  • Full name (First name and family name as shown in passport)
  • Role at the Championships (e.g. Athlete, official)
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport Number and Passport expiry date

The invitation will be sent to you as soon as possible.

LOC to add any further information for foreign citizens to enter the country


According to the European Athletics Competition Regulations, the participating Member Federations are responsible for taking out their own insurance to cover the risk of illness or injury of any member of their team when travelling to and from the European Athletics event and during the event itself. Please take the necessary steps to fulfil these requirements well in advance.

Local Transportation

Transportation between the team hotels and the various venues, including official and social functions, will be guaranteed by the LOC shuttle service.

To the competition venue

Transfer times between the team hotels and the competition venue will be between enter relevant times, depending on the hotel location and traffic conditions.

The following arrangements have been made:

DateFromToActivityStart timeLast ShutlleFrequency

To the training venue

Transfer times between the hotels and the training venue will be between enter relevant times, depending on the hotel location and traffic conditions.

DateFromToStart timeLast ShutlleFrequency

To the official functions

For the Opening Ceremony, all teams will be taken by bus enter details: time and pick up location.  Return buses leave from enter location and time.

A detailed specific timetable will be posted on the notice boards at the Information desk in each Team Hotel.

Enter any other transport details relevant to your event – i.e. public transport accessibility through accreditation cards or tickets etc.

Transportation of Equipment

Each team is responsible for organising the transport of its poles until its arrival in city. Upon arrival at official airport, the pick-up of the poles will be arranged by the LOC who will transfer them to the training facility venue, where they will be at the athlete’s disposal. All poles or bag of poles shall bear the identification of the athlete (tag of the name, country, event, number of poles per bag).

The previous day to each competition (male, female or decathlon) and after the morning training sessions have finished, poles will be transferred to the Stadium.

Once each qualifying competition has finished poles will be transferred back to the training facility, except those belonging to athletes qualified for their respective male or female finals.

After each final, the rest of poles will be also transferred to the training facility, waiting for the last transportation to the airport at the end of the Championships.


A shuttle service will also be in place for team departures. The frequency of this service will be based on the departure schedule, which will be posted at the Information Desk of each team hotel at least 24 hours before departure.

Teams will be asked to provide full travel details together with the final entries. Team leader will have to confirm departure details during the accreditation process.
Any changes to the provided details shall be communicated to the LOC (Information Desk at the team hotel), at least 48 hours before departure.