Introduction – Organisational Manual

European Athletics has created this Event Organisation Manual to guide its Member Federations and Local Organising Committees (LOCs) in the development and implementation of the operational procedures for European Athletics events.  It focuses on the main topics to be handled by an LOC in the preparation, execution and post-event periods to ensure a successful event; offering practical information throughout.

Because of the subjects covered and the levels of detail, this online Manual applies primarily to the European Athletics Major Events; and to the outdoor European Championships in particular. Nevertheless all European Athletics Events organisers can benefit from these guidelines and adapt them to other Events at a lower level.

The online Manual is supplemented by related documents that the LOC and Member Federation need to take into account as these develop in more detail the subjects covered in each section. Therefore the online Manual and its related files should be seen as one complete document.

It is essential that the leader of each functional department within an LOC reads the part(s) of the Manual relevant to that area, together with its related documents. Nevertheless, as each department will have to deal with other departments at some stage(s) of the event organisation, a general reading of the whole Manual is recommended. To ease this task, links between the sections and to related documents have been created.

Within the sections of this Manual references to the following related documents can be found:

Regulations & Rules: specific regulations of European Athletics or World Athletics Rules;

Organiser Agreement & Other Agreements: the agreement between European Athletics, the Member Federation, the City and the LOC, as well as other agreements; for example with a third party LOC, with sponsors, etc;

Guidelines: these give more detailed information about the execution of specific organisational aspects mentioned in the Manual;

Templates and Forms: these give guidance on the content and layout of relevant documents to be published for the event;

Other Documents: to cover specific situations or requirements:

Websites: some of the references will link the reader directly to the European Athletics website, the World Athletics website or other(s) as relevant.

All the related documents refered to in the text are included in the appendix section.

Certain section include a checklist at the end; although it is advisable that each LOC should develop its own checklists as it develops its work plans.

Please refer to the “Abbreviations & Glossary” for the terms and definitions used in the online Manual.

The tables and charts include data and figures existing at the date of this edition of the online Manual and the pictures are examples of past European Athletics events. European Athletics will regularly update the contents of the online Manual, when relevant. LOCs will be informed of any significant changes.

Even though the Event Organisation Manual and its related documents cover most matters, the LOC is responsible for their application (and, as necessary, adaptation) to the actual preparation and organisation of the event. Good communication and regular meetings between the different functional departments within the LOC are essential.

If anything should be unclear, the user of this Manual should contact European Athletics for further support and guidance.

Please note that in cases of conflict between the Event Organisation Manual, Related Documents or any other supplied material, the Organiser Agreement, including its appendices, will have precedence.

General information about European Athletics can be found on the European Athletics website.