Official Airport and Welcome Services

The official airport, located at 52 km from the Givat Ram Stadium, is Ben Gurion International Airport, where the LOC will provide adequate welcome services.

Upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, the teams will be welcomed by the LOC.

In case you need any support, please report to the welcome desk located outside the arrival hall or contact the transportation department (Avi Varon +972-50-2052768).

The transfer time from the airport to the official hotels is 45 minutes approximately.

Team Leaders will be taken to the Team Accreditation Centre (TAC) upon arrival to settle payment and pick-up the teams´ accreditation passes, while the teams will be transported directly to the hotels.

For any last-minute changes after closing of the Final Entries, please send updated information to with copy to as well as

Arrival by Road

Teams arriving by road are kindly asked to go directly to their hotel, where representatives from the LOC will welcome them.

Entry Visas

Participants from the following countries require a Visa to enter Israel:


*The exemption shall apply only to holders of biometric passports.

Participants who require a Visa should contact Jerusalem 2022 LOC on by 01 June 2022 to obtain a specific invitation letter.

Requests for invitation letters shall be supported with the following information:

  • Full name (first name and family name as shown in Passport)
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Passport Number and Passport Expiry Date (passports should be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the competition)
  • Function in the Team (athlete or official)

After submitting the information to the LOC, it will be confirmed by the Internal Ministry. After the confirmation, a Member Federation representative will have to go to the Israeli Embassy for getting the visa for the whole team. The LOC will get in touch with those concerned Member Federations.

Covid-19 regulations

As per the information shared by European Athletics earlier, on 23 May:
– All persons are allowed to enter the country, including those who are not vaccinated
– No PCR-test is required before boarding the plane
– No PCR-test is required upon arrival to Israel
– Wearing a mask according to the national regulations, which means mainly in health care buildings. Wearing a mask in the plane is according to airlines regulations.

Please be reminded that everyone is still requested to fill out the entry statement form – within 48 hours prior to departure to Israel. Note that the vaccination and recovery details can be entered while filling in the form but those who do not want to enter the details OR who are not vaccinated or recovered can choose “Other”.

For additional details please refer to:

Note that a health insurance with coverage for COVID-19 treatment is required. This insurance is a condition to enter Israel and may be checked by the Population and Immigration Authority.

Upon arrival in Ben Gurion International Airport, random document inspections are conducted and travellers must meet the requirements of the Population and Immigration Authority.

Last but not least, should some Member Federations still require a test (PCR or antigen) to return back home, please inform the LOC the soonest so thatarrangements can be made.


According to the European Athletics Competition Regulations, the participating Member Federations are responsible for taking out their own insurance to cover the risk of illness or injury of any member of their team when travelling to and from the European Athletics event and during the event itself. Please take the necessary steps to fulfil these requirements well in advance.

Local Transportation

Transportation between the team hotels and the various venues, including official and social functions, will be guaranteed by the LOC shuttle service.

To the competition venue

Transfer times between the hotels and the competition venue will be between 10-15 minutes, depending on the hotel location and traffic conditions.

To the training venues

Transfer times between the hotels and the training venues will be between 10-15 minutes, depending on the hotel location and traffic conditions.

To official functions

For the Opening Ceremony, teams can use the regular shuttle services to the competition venue.

For the European Athletics – LOC Dinner, a detailed specific timetable will be posted on the notice boards at the Information desk in each Team Hotel.

Transportation of Equipment

Each team is responsible for organizing the transport of its poles until its arrival in Tel Aviv. Upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, the pick-up of the poles will be arranged by the LOC who will transfer them to the training facility Keshet, where they will be at the athlete’s disposal. All poles or bag of poles shall bear the identification of the athlete (tag of the name, country, event, number of poles per bag).

The previous day to each competition (men, women or decathlon) and after the afternoon training session is finished, poles will be transferred to the Stadium.

There they will stay, waiting for the transportation to the airport at the end of the Championships by the LOC. They will not go back to the training stadium between the qualification and the final for qualified athletes.


A shuttle service will also be in place for team departures. The frequency of this service will be based on the departure schedule, which will be posted at the Information Desk of each team hotel at least 24 hours before departure.

Teams will be asked to provide full travel details together with the final entries. Team leaders will have to confirm departure details during the accreditation process.

Any changes to the provided details shall be communicated to the LOC (Information Desk at the team hotel), at least 48 hours before departure.